In 2012, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) conducted an HAI study which alarmingly revealed that “approximately one in every 25 patients acquires a health care-associated infection (HAI) during their hospital care. This adds up to a disturbing 722,000 infections per year. Of this number, some 75,000 patients die of their infections.”

Not only are patients at risk from unclean hospital bathrooms, but so, too, are hospital environmental services team members, nurses, physicians, and staff.  There has never been a better time to introduce Next Level Cleaning Technology to hospitals, nursing homes, elder care facilities, etc. 

In addition to providing an increase in bathroom sanitization, healthcare facilities stand to benefit from lower labor costs, the elimination of having to require patient-care specialists to clean hospital bathrooms, and, most notably, marked improvements in efficiencies relating to hospital room turn times – waiting rooms would be happier environments with such a system in place.

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