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Our Process

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    The PRISTINE Hotel Self Cleaning Bathroom is controlled by a proprietary app which is housed in a designer frame on the exterior wall of the bathroom.

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    The building's staff member sign in using an access code. Then, after ensuring a few general items are completed, the staff member initiates the self cleaning process, with the bathroom door automatically locking.

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    Spray nozzles will drop from ceiling and dispense hospital grade sanitizer throughout the bathroom. The chemical will be thoroughly sprayed throughout the bathroom, and the chemical will have a 3 minute wait period for foaming and activation.

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    Following the 3 minute wait period, separate spray nozzles will drop from ceiling and canvas the bathroom with a hot water rinse. This rinse process time cycle varies by industry and size of the bathroom. 

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    After the hot water rinse cycle has completed, the air drying process will begin, as air will be sent through a distribution system, and a 300+ CFM exhaust fan will address drying the bathroom.

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    Upon completion of the air drying process, the door will unlock.

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