Have you seen the video of the school janitor with a bucket of dirty water, mopping the floor into the stalls, then lifting the mop to clean the toilet seat? Perhaps Tom Keating described the condition of school restrooms best in saying, “Dirty school bathrooms are a national disgrace. This is about cleanliness, safety, and hygiene. But it’s also about schools respecting students…”. According to a 2019 study conducted by the Bradley Corporation, “68% of students say school restrooms that are poorly maintained or unclean show the school doesn’t care about its students, reflects poor school management, and lowers their overall opinion of the school.”

Furthermore, a local news crew in Arizona inspected school restrooms for cleanliness – following swab tests and lab results, “there was evidence of urine on virtually every restroom surface, including floors, door handles, flushing handles, faucets, hand dryers, and soap and paper dispensers.” Upon learning of the test, William Humble, a representative of the Arizona Department of Health Services, lamented, “Finding urine on so many surfaces is an indication that bacteria and viruses travel. This has the potential of spreading e-coli, Hepatitis A, and other diseases, and has even more serious implications for children with asthma or weakened immune systems.”

Demand better hygiene for your students and faculty members by showing you care. Reduce absenteeism and negative perceptions of your school.

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